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Inspired and inspiring storytelling art that speaks from the heart. The images - mental, pictorial and felted - will stay with you, and will bring you to new shores, all the time wishing you could turn over more heart-shaped rocks to explore's a good thing there are more books in the series to come!!

Alannah Fitzgerald

My daughter absolutely loves Leroy!!!

Hartley Holmberg

Passion and purpose combine with amazing talent. Karen Garry rocks!

Patricia Sandberg

Got the book today & got a kick out of it. You've got a lot of talent. That's a real nice book: good on ya.

Leo P.

My little one loves Leroy!

This book is beautiful -- both the painstaking illustration and the heartfelt story. My little one decided it was her favourite book at the age of 3 months old. She was mesmerized by the colours and characters. It's a book that both of us love to read!