The Creative Ink Festival 2019

The Creative Ink Festival 2019

I attended the Creative Ink Festival a short while back and was so moved I went home the first night wanting to give back. I painted this. It took a little longer than I expected because I always think a project will take 10 mins~2 hours max...5 hours later, voila! Beaut! (The next day I was preeeettty tired.) Still impressed! Thanks everyone! I had a blast!

Creative Ink Festival 2019

I went to a lot of talks and heard some great tales of success and the road one travels; tricks of the trade, funny stories, sound advice, words of encouragement; inspiration, and software advice; warm smiles abound! Everything you want in a hotel wing full of new friends.

Here are some of the faces who brought ideas, insight, planning and stellar presentation to the mix. Thanks! Time well spent.

Selection of Creative Ink Festival 2019 Speakers & Panel Members by Karen Garry of Heart Shaped Rawk.

Selection of Creative Ink Festival 2019 Panel Members and Speakers by Karen Garry of Heart Shaped Rawk page two!

As you can see, I got better as the conference went on. :D Hurray! Next time I'll draw the conference backwards! So it's fair for everyone.


This is what I gave Sandra Wickham, the director, for her birthday on the second day of the conference.

Creative Ink Festival Framed with Heart Rock (courtesy Mother Nature) by Karen Garry

Detail Shot of Creative Ink Festival 2019 watercolour painting by Karen Garry

For more information about this annual festival, please visit:
The Creative Ink Festival
Can't wait to mingle, listen and learn with you all next year!
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Karen, thank you for the rendering. Like the drawing of me. Cute! It was wonderful being part of the festival. I’ll look forward to seeing you next year. Have a great summer.

Diana Stevan

These are so awesome. You really nailed Bryce, Crystal, Theresa, and Jenn!

JM Landels

Karen! I’m speechless. To be included in this esteemed group of writers and artists takes my breath away. I am truly thankful. As a presenter it is always hoped that an impact is made—either professionally or personally—and it’s a true gift when it actually happens.
You’re such a talented and open spirit and you’ve made my day—Heck! You’ve made my year. Thank you Karen. See you at Creative Ink 2020.
Faye Arcand xoxo

Faye Arcand

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