Big Love!

First Page Drawn!

Book Two of the Heart Shaped Rawk Series Getting Penciled!
It's with great excitement I announce that after much research, thought, nature interviews, tree touching, bug kissing, animal meet and greet, and wonderful creative speculation, I've finally sat down and penciled the first page of the second book in the Heart Shaped Rawk Series. One page may not seem like much to the not me, but I'm glad it's on its way and it looks great! This book is gonna be so cute, I can't even. I'd show you, but if you know me by now, you know I don't like to show anyone anything until it's done,'s a photo of not the first page drawn! Amazing! Celebration!
And! Earlier this week while doing research, I took a break from the forest (yes, that is a hint about the next book...) to enjoy the warm sun as it set in the first few days of spring like air.
staring at the sea
While enjoying the ocean's rock collection...
ocean's rock collection
I spotted this:
Big Love!
Big Love!
Big Love!
Right back atcha, Mother Nature! Giant Smiles.
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