Nothing like landscape wool painting procrastination time...

Nothing like landscape wool painting procrastination time...

Book Two is coming along slowly, and when I'm not in the mood to storyboard out the pages and work on the designs, I look for something else to do...I've always been a procrastinator and always will be. PRO-crastination makes us great, I say. So, here's me "wasting time."

A few years ago, I wanted a sign for an art show of the Heart Shaped Rawk world. I needed a circular background to put the lettering and the butterfly on. Wondering what I could use, I went for a walk and found a perfectly round, blue bar stool top in the alley. SWEET! I took it home and was gonna use it, then decided it was too much a pain to go find someone to cut out the middle as I wanted the back of the butterfly also visible, since it's so gorgeous. Needing something else, I chose embroidery rings, and wet felted the background. Time ran out/there were a billion other things to do and only one me, so the show went on without a sign; (I laid the letters on a table with the butterfly in the middle). Time passed. Karen did other things--marketing--marketing--marketing/working on book two--marketing--marketing--marketing/working on book two...

At last, another art show came up, (Britannia Art Gallery), and I was reminded of that sign...yea that I made this:

Heart Shaped Rawk Sign

This is the front, sans Butterfly, all beautiful with it's wet felted background! (My first attempt at wet felting!! Success!!!) I hand sewed the background onto the ring as it was too thick to press between them, like you normally would. I used wool for that, too. :D Ah sheep, so amazing!

Making of the back:

Felting letters...

Felting Letters

Some finished letters...

Felted Letters

Lettering finally done! Hurray!

Lettering DONE!

and voila!

Back of the Heart Shaped Rawk Sign

Looking sweet, eh?!

Who looks sweeter?

Hammin' it up!

I vote for me, but that's just me practicing some good self esteem building! Ah, how I love you, Karen...sigh. *^^*

And here it is, all fabulous like, hanging in my apartment...

Finished Heart Shaped Rawk sign

You can see the back in all it's glory next time it's up at a show somewhere...I'll keep you posted.

I thought you said this was a blog post about making a painting?!

IT IS! Fret not!

Well, now that I've made the sign, what am I going to do with that bar stool? Most people would have thrown in out...not I. I know potential when I see it.

Here's the beginning of the painting:

original bg with wool water and sand

Note the original blue background...I didn't take a photo of just the stool top...didn't think of it.

coming along...

a close up shot...

close up details...

and a video! All the rage these days...who knew the future would be filmed?




It's me! Again! With a  landscape wool painting!

and a little closer...

Finsihed Landscape painting

I'm happy with it. Looks fabulous!

Well, that could be the end of the story, but oh no! I went for another walk, as I'm want to do, (these legs need moving) and found this on the street, looking for a new home:

New Canvas!

next time I feel like PROcrastinating, maybe I'll "paint" something else...

Thanks for reading!

Love, Karen
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