Powell River, a car, two ferries, a sail boat, a plane, a bus and heart shaped hot sauce.

Powell River, a car, two ferries, a sail boat, a plane, a bus and heart shaped hot sauce.

A friend of mine moved up to the Pow Wow as it's affectionately bumper stickered to be (heart included! I knew we'd get along...) and invited me up for some transit, seaside, sunburn, gardening, book reading (aloud), hammock lounging, hill climbing, dog petting, sunset admiring, shore thumping (waves!), concert story listening, pretzel eating, up at 4:40 am, 37 -inch sail boat driving, I'm still on a boat for another 12 hours after I'm off the boat after 12 hours, see an eagle catch a fish right in front of my eyes, sea lion dive, tanker motor around, binocular looking good time of a weekend. Thanks Claudia and Fraser and Xena and Matisse. I had a big smiles sort of time!

Ferry To the Sunshine Coast

On the ferry to the Sunshine Coast.


Ferry Light!

Beautiful British Columbia

Beautiful British Columbia!

Heart Rock! Powell River Sea Walk

It's Mutual!

My new friend, Sherry, made this slide show of the reading I did at the Powell River Public Library. It was my first public reading, ever! (I've read it to friends here and there along it's path of production...but nothing like this!) I was so touched by the gesture, I teared up. Thanks Sherry! Incredibly sweet! I couldn't have asked for a better audience. :D

What book reading is complete without saltwater taffy?

Saltwater taffy love

After the reading, I worked on some felting and gave a felting lesson...

Work In Progress

then sailed home!!! (My first time sailing! This boat is heavy!)

Sailing home!!!

...saw an airplane...


..took the bus...

on the bus!

...and ate some heart shaped hot sauce.

Heart Shaped Hot Sauce

 What a great weekend!

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Hi Karen! Is that Claudia Medina?? She’s a friend of mine and I love her! I visited Powell River last year and I told stories there! I had a blast!

I love all of your heart-shaped things! Everywhere you find a heart it’s the universe reminding you that you’re surrounded by love.
And you really are!
Sending you love and light!
XO Kung Jaadee

Kung Jaadee

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