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 Leroy tells the story of a young lion on a quest for fulfillment in a modern-day world. Journey with Leroy as he grows from cub to beast, navigating school, work and his place in society. Searching for deeper meaning in life, will Leroy stay complacent or will this friendly feline learn to follow his heart to find his own path? Leroy is the first in a six book series.

Beautifully illustrated in watercolor, gouache and ink, with needle felted characters dispersed throughout, Leroy is not only a feast for the soul, but a delight for the eyes! Colorful hand-lettered and flowered pages accompany fully rendered story art.

64 pages, 8 x 8" hardcover bound, Leroy compliments any bookshelf and will bring some brightness to your home along with a reminder that it's never too late to be the beast you were meant to be.